It is was great to be back on the road again, we chose to go to Kalgoorlie, rather then through Esperance as Mel had a desire to see this historic town. 

On Saturday morning we stocked up on food and groceries. The Albany Farmers Market held each Saturday 8am to noon, was our first stop.   The market has not only every imaginable type of fruit, vegetable and salad vegetable, but also organic meats, amazing bread that is hand milled from organic flour, local cheeses and yoghurts, and many other locally grown or produced produce. 

We headed north out of Albany on Highway 30, and of course, we just had to stop at the Mount Romance Sandlewood Factory. Amazing products I purchased a bamboo scent jar and some Sandlewood wood chips to make my own essences when we reach home .

Unfortunately, we did not stop, once again at the Handasyde Stawberry Farm, such beautiful strawberries, that just happen to go so nicely with waffles and ice cream!


Following the 30 North, turning off onto the 120 at Cranbrook. The Mel rating for these roads was an 8/10. We stopped at a charming town, Katanning for a stretch. Katanning was explored as early as 1885, then Saddlewood cutters were in the area in the 1870’s. The town came into exsistance in 1889, and  has maintained its Federal style architecture.

Katanning is located in the middle of West Australia’s wheatbelt and can boast many firsts; the first public lending library in the state, the first electric street lighting in the state, the first ‘purpose built’ public swimming pool in country WA, the first house in country WA with hot and cold running water, the first motor car in country WA, the first roller flour mill in Western Australia.

A very delightful town for a stop, have a coffee and wander.


 Following the 107 we passed through a very small town, Dumbleyung, again dominated by Federation architecture 



Through this area they have the beautiful Salmon Gum trees, these trees grow in low rainfall and poor soil areas. Their adaption to these conditions is that their branches and foliage direct all the rainwater down the tree trunk, I am assuming they have a tap root system

A few wildflowers are out they are so, so beautiful.




 We veered off the 107 and headed towards Kulin, This town was on my list of places to visit. I was curious about a town that would create the Tin Horse Highway!