Wednesday 22 July –  we were at Whitefish one of the towns bordering Glacier National Park.  It was a trendy sought of town and by the looks of the housing lots and lots of money in the area. We went up to Big Mountain which in winter is a ski resort and in summer they have of fun things to do like zip lines, luges , We went up chairlift it ascended up the mountain for 15 minutes, the view was spectacular the whole the valley could be seen.

From Whitefish we came through to Glacier National Park via the shoe shop – my great Tevas that I brought just before we came away failed – so had to do an emergency shop—oh dear!!!!!  How sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We booked into Apgar Village which is located in Glacier National Park on the banks of Lake MacDonald – it is just beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! We just sat at night and watched the sun setting on the mountains  (sunset 9.30pm). Oh yes, and we met a lot of Americans who are just terrific – many having  visited Australia or have children living in Australia – lots of addresses exchanged.

View Lake MacDonald Apgar

Chris, Mel & Kanga St Mary’s LakeThursday 23 July — This morning we had a great relax just sitting on the water’s edge and reading – what a treat. This afternoon went rafting and had dinner on the Flathead River—do not have the adjectives to describe how spectacular the scenery was along the river.

Friday 24 July -Rode The Going To the Sun Road which is supposed to be one of the most scenic roads in the world. We were going to get up at dawn – but it rained all night and the weather did not clear till about 7am.

This road gets very busy and apparently it is difficult getting parking at the scenic lookouts and we have figured out that Americans, at least in this part of the world do not go anywhere till about 10am – so we beat the crowds  — The road lived up to it’s reputation Basil you would just love the photography opportunities on this road – it is really breathtaking scenery. We went over the road then followed a road around the southern rim of the Park, Mel wanted to see a monument to the continental divide. The ride was a total of about 220 klms

View Lake MacDonald Apgar

On our way back into Agpar the local markets were on and we tasted lots of his like cake and drinks made from Huckleberries, these are very little tiny red berries, that taste delicious.

Then just as we entered the park we saw a BLACK BEAR!!!! in the wild it was only about 20 metres away from us – I was too scared to get of the bike to get the camera – but we saw a BEAR!!! in the wild — how absolutely awesome.

Cheers & best wishes
Chris & Mel