We always wondered what Lightning Ridge was like.

So day one of our three month trip to Western Australia we headed off to cover the 1,300 klms to Lightning Ridge.

Having  a love of country pubs, we just had to stop at the Hebel pub, it lived up to our expectations!

We followed the road to Goondiwindi and then headed for the A55. The A55 was a tad bumpy, we nearly hit our heads on the roof of the Iveco, and had to reduce our speed.

Lightning Ridge was extremely quite, being summer most attractions were closed. 

We booked into the Opal Caravan  (Top Parks), the advantage of travelling at this time of year was that the had few other guests staying. The Park was neat and clean, though we did have hundredes of cicadas visit during the night.

Mel, in his quirky way wanted to go via Bourke, just so he could say “I’ve been to the back of Bourke” so we did.

Bourke is a beautiful historic town on the banks of the Darling River.  We could have spent a day or two in Bourke, lots to see and do, but Western Australia was our goal.

Leaving Bourke we followed the B87 to Cobar, the landscape was extremely dry, and we had been experiencing dust storms all day, then just south of Bourke dark, ominious clouds began to form on the horizoion, and within fifteen minutes rain began to fall, and fall, and fall till the landscape was transformed into a sea of water. The water over the road was not too deep so we continued into Cobar.

The rain in Cobar had caused minor flooding through the town centre, locals were quite excited, talking to a few people in town they explained that they had not seen such rain for a long time.

We  enjoyed exploring the town centre, being the crosssroads of the Kidman Way and The Barrier Highway, the town had a vibranancy.