Your mission should you choose to accept is to locate Longville on a map of the USA. Some clues – Population 180, located in Minnesota on Girl Lake about midway between the North Dakota border and Duluth on Lake Superior. Final clue, it is the turtle racing capitol of the world, and yes there is a Woman Lake, and a Boy Lake, in fact the State’s license plates will tell you it is the State of 10,000 lakes. And no your computer will not self destruct.

We were invited to visit by our friends Wayne & Mary Ann – we met them on our last trip to America. The truth be known I think we invited ourselves.

After riding North East for a day and a half from Sturgis including stopping at Bismarck to visit Custer’s house from which he left in 1876 to his destiny in the Indian wars – more on Custer later – we arrived in Longville.

What a four days we had in store for us including an afternoon of turtle racing as well as boating on the lake. Wayne and Mary Ann organised a party(picnic) at which we turned out to be the guests of honour. Among the 40+ guests there was the Mayor who gave us the key to the City. We never did find the lock it opened.

We also went to Duluth on Lake Superior, but a special trip was the ride to the source of the Mississippi, about 6 meters wide and less than half a meter deep at its very start where it drains Lake Itasca on its amazing 3770 klm journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Four days came to an end far too quickly and it was on the road again.

6133klms was the distance travelled so far.


Mel & Chris