Lake Tahoe – 6,225 ft elevation, 1oth deepest lake in the world at 1,645 ft, 505 sq. meters in area, located inthe Sierra Nevadas – boring, forget the statistics. If placed  along side the lakes in Switzerland it would be an equal. A playground for the rich and famous, plus for two days the two of us 


We stayed in the delighted town of Incline Village on the shores of Lake Tahoe, our accommodation at Incline Village was a delightful airbnb, within walking distance of the main Village.


We delighted in the scenery and the cafe scene both in Incline Village and around the Lakes shore. At the suggestion of the airbnb ownr we bluffed our way into the balcony beach bar at the Hyatt Hotel,  grabbed the two best lounge chairs for viewing the sunset, made ourselves look we belonged there, ordered a couple of cocktails which we sipped very slowly for the next two hours – we couldn’t afford more and pretended we were a couple of dot com millionaires up from San Francisco although, I think our Aussie ascents gave us away to the well heeled  locals as we chatted.

Overall at we rode nearly two thirds the circumference of the lake and every kilometer was spectacular,  the lake with its cobalt blue waters; the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas as a backdrop, and the very impressive mansions that lined the shore.

We could have stayed at Incline Village for another week, so much to see and do.


Mel & Chris