We free camped in the quirky town of Kulin, a great little town home of the Tin Horse Highway.

The Council actively promotes tourism, a great example the creation of the Tin Horse Highway, the town is very well maintained, and it very much targets the tourist.

The free camp is very neat and clean, and the adjacent park has hot showers and toilets, children’s playground, and a bar-b-que and tables, all in a beautifully manicured gardens, displaying Western Australian wildflowers.

The free camp is for 72 hours, the Council trialled various time periods, and found that by providing 72 hours of free camping, caravaners stayed longer and explored the local area.

The pub and cafe directly across the road are both open for meals. We enjoyed a beer and watched the Broncos play at pub, which turned one hundred this year.

The town also has an aquatic centre, on the other side of the railway line.