Snorkelling on an outer reef off the shore from Coral Bay ….totally, totally out of my comfort zone, the crew of Coral Bay Ecotours were just amazing, they new I was extremely nervous, and continually checked I was okay.


I do not think I could have taken this plunge without the support of Tammie my daughter, Eylssa, our awesome 17 year old American friend, the crew, and of course my comfort blanket in the form of a noodle (it was way out in the ocean, in a rolling sea). 
We went through a part of the reef that had  mounds on either side and a valley in the middle, you had to kick hard, getting nowhere, and then a surge would come through, it would pick you up and jettison you through, all you had to do was go with the surge and amaze at the glorious  beauty of the reef.


I always thought swimming with sharks would be terrifying, the reef sharks were so calm, and not at all interested in us humans, they were just “doing their thing”. It was a privilege to be able to be part of the shark’s world, what amazing creatures.


So grateful to have this opportunity, because what an amazing life experience!


I have grow so much in confidence, to do the uncharted.



photograpy courtesy of InDepth Imagery

Cheers Mel & Chris