After being disappointed on our first trip to find a whale shark, two days later we were treated to an amazing experience.


Serveral hours into the trip the search plane spotted a whale shark hooray! The skipper of the Kai-Aura gunned the engines and we were off. Nearing the whale shark we were instructed to sit on the duck board and be ready to plunge into the ocean. This was pretty scary, sitting there with the engines at full revs, did not want to fall in!!!


Then that moment that we had all been waiting for with great anticipation, the skipper pulled backed the throttle, disengaged the propellers, and in we went, I was extremely nervous, but determined to not let my fear, rob me of the experience, so in I went.


In theory we were supposed to form a line, and the whale shark would then pass us, because I delayed a second before junping in I was away from the line a little, so I just took a peek into the depths of the ocean, and there directly below me was one of the most magnificant sights I have ever seen “A Whale Shark” a moment I will always remember, there alone inthe ocean with this stunningly awesome sea creature, truly amazing!


As a bonus we were delighted by a Oceanic Manta Ray, this ray is the largest in the world




Images coutesy of Indepth imagery