Three hours riding south we arrived in the twin cities of St Paul / Minnesota for a day’s visit including St Paul Harley Davidson from where we have bought a lot of our accessories and clothing via mail order.

We also visited the Mall of America, Chris was in seventh heaven, this Mall is the second largest in America and of course we had to have lunch at The Rainforest Cafe– —— one our favourite food chains to eat.

Now I know how you all love SPAM. 140 klms south of St Paul is where it is made and there is an actual SPAM museum.

Couldn’t help myself, so representing all you SPAM lover’s, I paid a visit. Somewhere out there as I write this and you are reading someone is eating a can of SPAM. Must be as 44,000 cans an hour are produced!!!!!! You even get a free can of Spam – your choice of flavor – with every T shirt purchased.

After 4 weeks heading east it was now time to turn around and head back west towards the Pacific. Cornfields behind us, cornfields in front of us, cornfields north and south of us – hi

I substituted the word SPAM for CORN in Monthy Pythons song to sing as we rode along in one ugly cross wind which made the next two days riding tough and exhausting going.

A visit to surprise, surprise, a Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. The exterior of this building is covered with a mural constructed of corn. The theme is changed each year, well work the stop to see this unusual sight.

Next onto the stunning Badlands. As we rode through the Badlands we were awed by spectacular colours. We stopped at the visitor centre/gift shop and admired the Native American Indian artefacts. As we continued through the Badlands I travelled back to my childhood and remembered sitting around the television on a Saturday afternoon watching the cowboy shows were all the bad guys hid in the Badlands.