Well where to begin, we have been pretty busy and have not had very good wireless connectivity, It is Sunday morning and we are having a veg morning to catch up on emails, we apologize for not sending an email earlier,

We reluctantly left Glacier National Park – the beauty was just astounding. We travelled along highway 83 down through Seeley Lake , the road was wonderful, no traffic and long sweeping curves through very scenic country side. We connected up with the I91 at a town called Three Forks – for those in the bakery industry we stopped at a very interesting bakery (Three Forks is in the middle of wheat country) you where able to purchase all types of flour, and you could even mill the wheat into flour for yourself. We will take pictures on the return trip.

Anyway the reason we came out at three forks was because Mel wanted to visit the headwaters of the Missouri River, which we did.
We spent the night in a place called Belgrade, the next day we powered through to Red Lodge, which is at the base of Beartooth Pass.

Most of the afternoon we rode in fairly heavy rain, so we did not want to go over the mountain (10,990ft high) in the rain.


Red Lodge is a very pretty little village where we actually could get a great coffee. There was a flash flood through the town overnight, the creek was a pretty bubbling creek which turned into a dirty raging creek. Riders coming over the mountain said that there was snow and sleet on top, were we glad we stopped!!!


The next morning we went over in beautiful sunshine –what a road wow!!!! We stopped a Cooke City the next night – a cowboy town.


From Cooke City we rode through Yellowstone Park down to Jackson in the Teton National Park. This day was hell, we rode through about thirty klms of roadwork. This length of road was stop – start, sometimes stopping for half an hour at a time in heat and the road was gravel, with lots of holes and bumps — not pleasant on a fully loaded touring motorbike.


The high to the day was driving through and seeing all the Bison, a few a bit too close.

The Teton’s are very, very beautiful an our floating trip down the Snake River was great seeing beaver dams and our first bald eagle.

We travelled back into Yellowstone via Teton Pass and Idaho to miss the road works —- this was another amazing road — sweeping through rolling agricultural fields with the tetons as a backdrop.

The three days in Yellowstone where terrific, Yellowstone is far bigger then I expected and at a higher altitude then we realized. While in Yellowstone we where lucky enough to see four bears – a sight we will always remember (I struggle with the fact that these wonderful creatures are still hunted and killed so that humans can hang them on their walls or have them stuffed and displayed as trophies), hundreds of bison, elk, dear,coyotes, osprey and lots and lots of humans acting very peculiar.

Also in Yellowstone we visited the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and Old Faithful. A real surprise was the Lodge at Old Faithful, this Lodge is five stories and is constructed of trees — not logs but yes, trees and branches. We sat and just looked in amazement at the construction of the building.

Leaving Yellowstone we visited Cody. Cody has a remarkable museum, this museum has a 2500 gun collection, which though I hate guns, I acknowledge that this is an exceptional collection. The museum also has extremely interesting displays and artifacts from the Plains Indians and Buffalo Bill Cody and a amazing art collection from well known artists such as Charlie Russell. If ever visiting Cody allow at least a day to visit this amazing museum,

As time is getting away and we have some miles we want to cover today, will write more of our wonderful adventures later.

Mel & Chris