Our first stop in Idaho was at Twin Falls in the alpine desert here the temperature reached 100 degrees!

Mel had wanted to visit Twin Falls on previous trips to USA,  he has always been fascinated by Evel Knievel, and this was where Evel attempted to jump the canyon on the Snake River.

Just up from  the site is The Shoshone Falls, which are very beautiful  A visit to Twin Falls had to include a visit to the waterfalls plus the Evel Knievel.

We arrived in Twin Falls around lunch time, the temperature was siiting on 100F, pretty hot to be on a motorbike, with full leathers. We found a great mum and pop motel, The Apollo Motor, they were terrific and let us check in early, it was great to sit down inthe air conditioning and lower our body temperatures

Later in the afternoon we went expolring Twin Falls, and Mel dreamt of being Evel Knievel.


Cheers Mel & Chris